Moving and Packing

We're moving!

And with moving, comes packing. Ugh. Not one of my favorite activities. We're not moving very far, just a few blocks down, so we've got one U-Haul, some furniture and some boxes. Also, because we don't have a lot of furniture, we dont really need to stack boxes. We also don't have too many boxes. So we thought, let's make the most of it and give our boxes some extra space.

The bigger boxes containing the tv and other fragilities will be boxed and sealed for cushioning. But we figured some of the others could remain top-open. This works exceptionally well for flatter boxes with less depth, like a Flat TV box, which can instantly get up to three times its original depth (see Picture #3 below). 

A simple tip for those moving, or when/if you move. Take the top open panels of your box and stick them together, standing up, with some tape. It'll give the box at least twice the depth needed for bigger things that don't have their own boxes or for stacking lots of easy access food while you're moving (and cleaning the kitchen).

 {3x more space in a flat TV box}
{Tape up around the edges}

~ Gayatri ~ 

Photo Credits and Copyright: All photos have been taken by Gayatri Kumar and belong to Look who's Wearing (LwW)

A Good Cause: reCAPTCHA

I love helping out, so much so, that sometimes people have to push me off and say, "You're helping too much!". I don't necessarily think thats a bad thing, but yes, I would love to help out and get others to help out too once in a while, without being told off. Ahem. 

Anyway, if you have the time, do watch this (embedded) brilliant TED video about "reCAPTCHA". Some may already know about CAPTCHA. It was an attempt to block spammers and spam bots from leaving ludicrous and irrelevant comments and links on your webpage or website.

But then, the people at google came up with reCAPTCHA. The thought behind it was, "How about while people write those silly words in word verification forms, they also help translate scanned books which the computer can't do." What a great idea!

What is reCAPTCHA?

"reCAPTCHA is a free CAPTCHA service that helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows." -- Google.

"reCAPTCHA asks commenters to read two words from a book. One of these words proves that they are a human, not a computer. The other word is a word that a computer couldn't read. Because the user is known to be a human, the reading of that word is probably correct. So you don't get comment spam, and the world gets books digitized. Everybody wins!" 

Apparently, hundreds and thousands of people type in word-verification forms on a daily basis. By typing in that second and "extra/unnecessary" word (while you're cursing the double amount of work you need to do to get to that page, your "attempt"at transcribing that extra word just helped properly scan and transcribe a paragraph from an old book. 

Wouldn't it be amazing if this very small self-less act of ours helped translate millions of books which are being digitized right now? This is a major step forward for libraries all around the world, digitizing forever old books that may rot away and allow us easy access to them. What a lovely good deed for the day, don't you think?

Lend a hand, just 10 seconds of your time. If you come across reCAPTCHA (as you will on my blog if you comment) fill in those two strange words and help digitize a book.

PS: If you want to have a go, or just help out because you feel like you want to contribute click on the "reCAPTCHA" button on the right sidebar and it will take you to their site and you can start helping out right away!

A Stylelist Home Feature and New Ventures

Hello lovely people!

I am so excited about my new project! Its a new move-in, so I'm doing up the place from scratch. You can follow my inspirations for it on Pinterest, here.

Talking about Pinterest, guess who made the "Top 5 Pinners to Follow" list this week on Stylelist Home? You're looking right at her blog page.

Thank you Stylelist Home for including me on your great list with such amazing pinners! I feel honored.

PS: Watch this space for more sneak peaks of Project: Bachelor Pad. 

Photo Credits and Copyright: All photos have been taken by Gayatri Kumar and belong to Look who's Wearing (LwW)
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