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Oh, I know, I know! I've been a terrible blogger. Too obsessed with my work to update. But, you're right. I've recently had to move continents for my work. And, I love it. But, unfortunately I haven't had time to write about it. Yet. In all honesty, I don't have the connector cord to connect my camera with this silly Mac, and the SD card isn't being read on it either. For some strange, strange reason. More on that later. Maybe.

I am currently in Geneva, Schweiz at the moment. No, I am not the lead actress for a new Yash Raj Films project. Dreaming on. I am literally at the helm of international affairs. Hah! Again, dreaming on. But, I'd like to be.

I am working at the World Trade Organization. Whoopie! It's actually quite exciting. I get to sit in on meetings between countries who decide trade policies and whether or not you should be paying those extra $50 on those shoes imported from Italy, or pay $10 lesser on clothes exported from India, Bangladesh, etc. Disclaimer: the above data is a figment of my imagination. I wouldn't really tell you what they decide in there. You'll need to get in my not-so-comfortable shoes for that.

Anyway, I just wanted to come by and say Hello with a few updates from where I am at the moment. I do hope you will enjoy some of my iPhone photos lately, if you'd like to see.

{The United Nations at night}

{The Broken Chair outside the UN - in memory of landmine victims}

{Good Morning, Geneva}

{Posing on the WTO lakeside gardens}


Photo Credits and Copyright: All photos have been taken by Gayatri Kumar and belong to Look who's Wearing (LwW)


  1. Great pics - why not do the Heidelberg castle too

  2. Ok I am utterly jealous fo your travelling adventures!

  3. Good pics. Your techniques for photography is very wonderful.

  4. Nice blog!!!
    Thanks for sharing....
    good pics


Thanks so much for your comment! I look forward to it :)

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