Valentine's Day Wishlist

Its the lovey-dovey time of year again! Even though some may say (sometimes, including me) that V day is just a money-making holiday for card companies and whatnot, it's just another excuse to show them you're thinking of them and love them dearly. You may say it everyday, and you may say it in a special way, but why not on Valentine's day too, huh. You know what else, some say its been linked with love since the 14th Century (Wiki it!). Now if that isn't reason enough to celebrate love, just do it to make your partner happy! Another reason to celebrate is an amazing offer LwW has for you! Keep reading to find out more.

On my wishlist this year (hopefully some clueless boyfriends will google this!):

Red-velvet Mini Cupcakes

This one's for the boys: Forget chocolates! That's way old school. Grab some mini red-velvet cupcakes. They're red and she'll love them more than the box of chocolates you pick out at the groceries. If you're in the NCR area, you can contact these lovely ladies who could whip up a batch of red velvet goodness for you!

Addicted Cupcakes. Find their menu here.

Remember the offer I was talking about. Well, Addicted Cupcakes has very graciously offered a 10% discount to all LwW readers ordering a batch of their cupcakes from now till 14th of February!

All you need to do is quote that you're an LwW reader (or that you read Look who's Wearing) and you'll get a 10% discount on your order! Thanks Addicted Cupcakes!

You can even order cupcakes from Baking From My Heart.

*Make sure though you call them at least a day in advance!*

Write A Note!

Whatever you decide on doing, remember its not what you get them, its the effort you put in to put a smile on their faces that counts! Even if that means writing a simple letter and placing it in their lunchbag, file or coat pocket.

Other ideas:

DIY Valentine's Day goody bags

Fun Valentine's Day cards

Surprise Breakfast - Egg in a basket

A Toothy surprise

If you haven't already, do check out last year's Valentine's Day Wishlist! Very applicable this year as well! Its got a heart cake and cookies (if you like baking), peonies to give to the ladies, and a link to some fun fruit stickers (Orange you glad!) that will put a smile on your loved ones faces as they reach out for breakfast or a snack. 

Photo Credits and Copyright: All photos have been taken by Gayatri Kumar and belong to Look who's Wearing (LwW)

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  1. I'll have red velvet cupcakes also!

    Love Grace.


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