Winter Trends

Going out today? Its breezy and sunny and beautiful winter Delhi! What would you wear on a day like this? The look of the day is chic and perfect for a day out about town. 

On a day like today pair a nice pair of black skinnies (my ultimate basic! check out Casual Biker Chic for another look with the basic black skinny) with a delicate white, off-white or cream lace top and a short crop black blazer (I prefer to pull up or fold my blazer sleeves). Contrast the black in this look with nude pumps or nude ballerina flats (for the non-heelers) and a small size nude bag with a long chain or a cross-body bag. For other accessories, add a nice white strap watch and give yourself some bling. To make it more wintery and protect yourself from the Delhi-winter breeze add a chocolate brown scarf around the neck to balance the black and the nude in this look. Its important that makeup be light and stick to nude and skin tones. I absolutely covet my Lancome L'Absolu Creme De Brilliance in Exotic Orchid which I gloss up with the Lancome Juicy Tube

Hope you all have a lovely day! 

All the Pretty Girls

My current favourite and most stylish video ever!

All my ladies! Dont Hate Me Cause I'm Beautiful - Keri Hilson 

Peace out! 

Casual Biker Chic

biker jacket, ralph lauren, primark, mango jeans, Uggs, chestnut cargo retro
Off-the-street leather biker jacket, Ralph lauren Shirt, Grey Primark Basic, Black Mango Skinnies, Chestnust Cargo Retro Uggs

Its middle of winter in India! And its not that cold. So for a nice evening out at a friends house I decided to be casual chic. I've got all my base colours there. A grey basic full-sleeves tee from Primark, black skinnies from Mango and my brand-new (!!) Retro Cargo Uggs! Over the grey tee I'm wearing a classic shirt from Ralph Lauren buttoned mid-way and a vintage short-crop biker/rocker leather jacket which I picked up at a street market in Florence. I've pulled the jacket sleeves up and folded the shirt over the sleeves and the grey basic sleeves half -way over the folded shirt sleeve. The grey-basic is my fav coz it gives just enough contrast to break the dark monotony of the jeans and the shirt and jacket.The second contrast is the pair of chestnut Uggs. They give balance to the over-all dark tone. Who says you can't pair black with brown!

Ooh I think the Rouge Large Le Pliage Longchamp would have gone amazingly with this combination for a casual day chic!

P.S.: Kindly disregard the quality of the picture. This is right before I threw everything off for bed.


Rouge Long Handle Large Le Pliage Longchamp Sac

As this is my first post on this particular blog, I decided to start with the first item of my never-ending wishlist. A large long-handle rouge shopping sac of the Le Pliage line from Longchamp (pronounced as lawn-shaun). I have been trying to get my hands on this particular bag for sometime now. Mostly because I desire it! This shopping sac is in very high demand not only because of its durability and functionality but the fact that it goes with absolutely everything. One can pair it with dark winter colours such as chocolate, black, navies, denims; but it goes wonderfully with whites, off-whites and pastels for the summer. It reminds me of my first ever pair of red converse shoes when I was 13. The single stand-out red brings even the dullest of colours and wardrobes to life.

As soon as I get my Rouge Shopping Sac (which is probably going to be next week when I am back in the UK) I will try my best to put up photos of the Rouge Sac with different styles and colours.

But for now, Item #1 on my New Year wishlist: large, long-handle, rouge, le pliage, longchamp shopping sac.
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