The Week That Was

{Latest Obsession: Longchamp Le Pliage Small Bag}

Its been a great week! Mostly because I've been obsessing over my new bag. I have the large Le Pliage Shopping Sac. But, since I finished with University, I no longer need a big book bag (of sorts) for everyday. And, in my line of work, a big red bag isn't always welcome. Ahem. 

Moving on, I very apprehensively completed Task #1 on last week's list. I got bangs or a fringe, whatever you'd like to call it. I was apprehensive because I'm always scared walking into a Salon, even if it's the same guy I've been going to for ages. Because! They're creative and can blow their top at any point and cut your hair into teeny-tiny spikes. Which is sort of what happened with my bangs. I even had a photo of what I wanted and he said, "Yes, Yes, very well." 

I got spikey bangs. 

But, I still love them! They make my face look narrow. However, I am going to grow them out and let them look like little chunks of my hair in a month or so. You'll also be happy to know, I have increased the speed of my laps while at the pool.

We have also made use of a mirror-effect terracotta bowl in our garden as a bird bath. Looks pretty, shimmers in the sun (thereby drawing attention to itself) and quenches the thirst of all those squirrels and birds. 

Right, now for next week:

- Gluhwein (mulled wine) and mince pies post especially for Christmas 
- Romantic chignon for all those amazing parties and weddings coming up. 
- What you can wear to keep you warm at Indian-winter-weddings. 

{Mirror Effect Terracotta Bowl as a Bird Bath in the Garden}
{Last Week's Task #1 Completed. Got Bangs}

Photo Credits and Copyright: All photos have been taken by Gayatri Kumar and belong to Look who's Wearing (LwW)

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