Rouge Long Handle Large Le Pliage Longchamp Sac

As this is my first post on this particular blog, I decided to start with the first item of my never-ending wishlist. A large long-handle rouge shopping sac of the Le Pliage line from Longchamp (pronounced as lawn-shaun). I have been trying to get my hands on this particular bag for sometime now. Mostly because I desire it! This shopping sac is in very high demand not only because of its durability and functionality but the fact that it goes with absolutely everything. One can pair it with dark winter colours such as chocolate, black, navies, denims; but it goes wonderfully with whites, off-whites and pastels for the summer. It reminds me of my first ever pair of red converse shoes when I was 13. The single stand-out red brings even the dullest of colours and wardrobes to life.

As soon as I get my Rouge Shopping Sac (which is probably going to be next week when I am back in the UK) I will try my best to put up photos of the Rouge Sac with different styles and colours.

But for now, Item #1 on my New Year wishlist: large, long-handle, rouge, le pliage, longchamp shopping sac.

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